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Director of Tegeta, a graduate of Tegeta Academy. Interview with Vakhtang Zivzivadze.

Your first steps in your career start from Tegeta Academy, how do you assess what knowledge and experience you had before coming to the academy?

Before coming to Tegeta, I was studying at the Tbilisi State University, in a completely different direction from my current profession, the humanities, in this direction I was the chairman of the student self-government and a member of the highest legislative body, the Senate.
I was generally very active in student life, in my last year I started working with a friend on projects announced by the state where we were planning events and festivals for the Department of Tourism.

We already imagined Vakhtang before the Academy. How did you learn about the Academy, still things to suggest that would be the first step in your self-realization?

My activities of the time were interesting and income-friendly, but not stable, which I already had a demand for. It was quite difficult in my profession to find a job, I didn't make any effort, I really tried, but I never satisfied from the interview for various reasons, or I didn't like the work environment, or the conditions, it's very difficult to start a job in an organization where you don't see the development.
About eight months into this process, then, I learned by chance from a friend that Tegeta Motors had an Academy. What I was interested in from school I had already learned and received quite in-depth general knowledge at the University, at the same time the automotive field was interesting to me, and even Tegeta akadamia was an innovation, what could have been better ? I would go enthusiastically and free to gain sizeable knowledge of the issue, I saw the prospect immediately, if I successfully closed the course, I would be employed in a company without fail.

How long did the exercise last and by what methods?

I came to the Academy by interviewing, passed the relevant exams, it was in 2014, the course was two months long, the teaching was taking place daily. We were tasked with bringing the task home, doing presentations, working as a team, taking exams step by step, first at the end of each week and then the final.

Was this process (of teaching) interesting to you or was it simply a need for future professional development ?

The learning process was very complex and at the same time very interesting. We studied the building of the car in detail, the trainer was ideal, he was very berated and even did his best for us. He had very good materials, written visuals, audio, most importantly, provided us with this information at the right time. Using his methods, we were able to understand and perceive everything correctly. Here, for example, we would listen to the audio recording when we needed it a bit and then we could easily hear everything. These two months, I think, were more fruitful than the few years spent in any other institution..

What expectations did you have while teaching in acedemia ? Now we see that the result may have even exceeded expectations, but in the first stage, when there are no guarantees, have you had a thrill ?

At the first stage, I was aware that this organization is a leader in its field, giving me the greatest knowledge and experience. On the other hand, I was eager for months, at that point it was the most important thing for me to get into the academy and then everything would depend on me..

It's interesting to know what qualities you were struck by in the teaching process, or what qualities you needed to generate, without which you realised you wouldn't make progress?

First of all, as I mentioned: determination, punctuality, having interest in the issue; in short, at that point, and Meretz was required to do the maximum of opportunities..

Now go to the second and more important stage
What was your first step directly in Tegeta, not as a student but as part of a shot/work environment ?

After completing my studies directly, I had to start practical training, but at this time I received recommendations based on my results and already as an intern I was involved in sales of Tegeta central branch. This is the most active place, the biggest stream of supporters is right here. I had a commotion at first, I couldn't take myself off the waiting list without maximum preparation, but I realised I wouldn't accidentally find myself in that spot, e.I could do my best and so it happened, I grabbed the necessary information in a short time, I studied the products soon, I may not be a very strong shot from the current perspective, but the work process itself taught me..

As for the work environment, in addition to the fact that the image of the company pleased me, I also enjoyed working here, feeling that I was working in a strongly formed organization. As if, upon entering the company, everything stood its ground, self-esteem was added, except that I thought and believed that Tegeta is a cool company, it turned out to be such. However, at first I could not even imagine what development this could have brought.

What stages did you go through within the organization before managing the varketili branch of Tegeta? Let's follow it consistently..

Along with my motivation, I felt the negative attitude of loved ones, many of them telling me that I couldn't develop as a career. After all, some people are, working in one position for years and can't go ahead, although I wasn't in a hurry and yet, I would say, my promotion was hastily done. About six months later, as a result of structural changes, a vacancy was announced in the retail sales department, the leadership offered me to participate in the competition, at the same time I was recommended. Don't, as a rule, I went on domestic tours, I had really strong competitors, but I also successfully scored myself here. There was a lot dependent on leadership, my work didn't go unnoticed and was even appreciated.

This period was even cooler and more informationally busy, I was no longer an employee of one branch, one section, my direction was ebbing retail sales overall. Consequently, this service also required constant activity from me, I had a goal to get good results and I was doing my best for it, here helped me with the experience accumulated during my student period..

The next stage was also a transition in itself, I was going through my work with the branch Coordination Service, things were going well, the department was expanding and we needed new staff that I had to raise. We got very good youngsters and I shared my knowledge with them with pleasure.

At this time, two years of work were performed in my Tegeta and again the function of the handler was revealed. He correctly assessed the situation so that I could develop again. I was offered to become the manager of the gori branch, of course, at first, for the probation period, there was no big challenge. I could have been loathed from any other angle but, since I got the offer, I didn't get into difficulty, I generally didn't have to retreat and here, "I'll do it." Do not, prktika showed us that I passed this probation period and served Gori Branch successfully.

Why do you think mobility within a company is important? Finally, perhaps, News is important for humans , and among them-changing the service environment, trying to find new directions for their forces..

It is necessary when the shot increases. No denominator what time it takes for this. Of course, all cases are individual. There should be no wrong ambition on the part of the employee, the head should notice in time and direct his abilities in the right direction. My example is probably the most obvious: for three years, I became a branch director from Tegeta Academy, now I am the director of varketili branch in Tbilisi. I am very glad that my work was followed by adequate response from the company and the leadership..

Now how do you describe your job, work environment? It's the place where...

This is a place where I will work many more years where I will be able to develop constantly... In general, we spend most of our time at work and it's important to feel comfortable. I love this company so much; I try to create an ideal environment for my employees, to encourage them. I also still have my head so encouraging, contacting me, repeating all the same "don't come back" I already have this phrase as a slogan..

The worst thing is when a person gets up in the morning and thinks "what will go to work." I also try with personal dialogues not to stand up for my staff at such a moment. I understand that one of the most important aspects for an employed person is the commercial need, but I think that not to be focused on money but the result, just working on wages is very exhausting. On the contrary, a person should be motivated to improve and develop as a cadre, go ahead with the company. Everything, of course, one person can not do, the same as my example: Tegeta has 22 branches in Georgia, two in Baku, and I am the head of only one small situation, right ? But if I can contribute at least one percent, I will do it as well as possible. In general, this approach I think is personal..