Non-formal education is part of a lifelong learning system that involves the acquisition of "knowledge and awareness", "skills" and/or "responsibility and autonomy" outside of formal education.

Recognition of non-formal learning enables a person to gain recognition of knowledge gained in a non-formal setting, obtain a full qualification or accumulate credits towards a qualification in the future.

The purpose of recognition of non-formal education is to confirm the results of learning achieved outside of formal education for the person seeking recognition of non-formal education:
⇒ to promote lifelong learning;
⇒ to promote personal development;
⇒ to promote the continuation of studies;
⇒ to facilitate the granting of qualifications;
⇒ to promote employment;
⇒ to promote career growth;
⇒ To promote self-employment.

In 2019, Tegeta Academy was one of the first entities in Georgia to request the right to provide non-formal education recognition services. In 2020, the Academy officially gained the right to recognize non-formal education in the following directions:

Light vehicle engine repair;
Repair of the undercarriage of a light vehicle;
Repair of electrical and electronic systems of light vehicles.

Tegeta Academy recognizes non-formal education in accordance with the legislation of Georgia and the internal regulation of recognition of non-formal education, where all necessary details are defined. For detailed information, see on the link

The process of recognition of non-formal education in the academy includes the following stages:
a) Application submission
b) consulting/documenting
c) assessment
d) decision making.

Anyone who has an education in the automotive field in an informal environment and wants to have his education recognized by the state, has the opportunity to receive the relevant document at the Tegeta Academy.
On the basis of the order confirming the recognition of non-formal education by the institution, the following is issued in the name of the applicant:

a) in case of confirmation of learning results defined by the module/modules – certificate and certificate annex;

b) in case of failure to fully confirm the study results determined by the module/modules - notification about the confirmed study results;

c) In case of full confirmation of the study results necessary for the qualification stipulated by the professional educational standard by the applicant, the institution will issue a document confirming the qualification - a diploma.


Contact information of the person responsible for recognition of non-formal education:

Recognition of non-formal education in Tegeta Academy is carried out by NCEQE certified non-formal education recognition consultant - Ekaterine Gigashvili

Contact phone: 577 15 12 21

E-mail: [email protected]


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