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When did you enter the academy and in what direction?
In May 2020, I passed the general structure training.
Why did you decide to start studying at the academy?
The automotive field has always been in my interests. I disassembled all the toy cars to find out how they worked.
 Despite my past work experience, I started all over again and came to the desired field and company.
Do you remember the first day you came to the academy? What emotions did you have, did you like the environment, the training?
I remember a very orderly, friendly environment and full of motivated academics with whom I shared a common interest.
What do you like most about the academy and the teaching method?
Training by modern standards, individual review of vehicles and informative presentations. I advise everyone who is interested in the automotive field to make a decision in time. 
How did you get your job after studying at the academy and exactly what positions did you change?
Upon successful completion of the academy, I underwent an internship in the field of car parts consultant. 1 year later I became the head of the sales team.
If not Tegeta Academy ..
I would be an unqualified staff.
Is there a formula for success?
The formula for success I think is the same for everyone, you have to work in a field that attracts you and in a company where you like to work every day.
 You should never give up in order to finally get the result - "success".