The main goal of the program is to prepare an engine repairman for the transport sector who will be able to conduct engine diagnostics and repair processes at a professional level. In addition, you will be able to set up a private workshop and apply the knowledge you have acquired in your own business. In the learning process you will gain in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge on issues related to engine repair. Along with theoretical knowledge, you will also master practical skills.

Professional Qualification Awarded: Basic professional qualification in car repair

Prerequisite for admission to the program - Basic education
Vocational Education Program Implementation Form: Modular
Program capacity: 58 credits, 73 credits for non-Georgian students;
Estimated duration of the program: 41 weeks

Awarding professional qualification:
Awarding professional qualification is the prerogative of Tegeta Academy Ltd. In order to gain a professional qualification, a professional student must accumulate the credits provided by the modules defined in the vocational education program and pass the qualification exam.

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