On the platform, it is possible to learn the structure and working principles of the vehicle through gamification, high-level interaction and simulations.

In Electude, training modules can be tailored to individual needs according to the participant's profile, experience and learning goals. 

Who might be interested in Electude?

  • People employed in the automotive field: mechanics, car assistants, sales consultants, drivers and others.
  • Students and vocational college students
  • Lecturers and teachers 

What opportunities does Electude provide?

Creating an individual training program

Electud includes more than 3,000 learning modules, divided by topic and difficulty. The platform allows you to create individual courses and group modules as needed .

Measuring and monitoring participant outcomes
Participants study specific modules, complete quizzes and tests. The results (grades, time spent on the module, etc.) for the individual student are automatically saved.

Visualization of learning topics and simulation of processes
All Electud learning modules are visually appealing. Participants can see and perceive the purpose and principle of operation of this or that unit of the vehicle in a simulated way.

Available in Georgian language
Tegeta Academy is the official representative of Electud in Georgia. That's why we started translating training modules into Georgian. At the moment, more than 500 modules and quizzes have been translated, which allows several complete training courses to be created entirely in the Georgian language.

To learn more about the platform, visit Electude's official website: https://www.electude.com/

To get a demo version of Electude, fill out a simple form:

Or contact us: 595 525 774

Innovative training program ELECTUDE

Tegeta Academy became the exclusive representative of Electud in Georgia. With the help of Electud, we can master the working principles of vehicle chassis, engine and electrics, both in the truck and passenger direction.