slide: On recognition of non-formal education
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On recognition of non-formal education

Recognition of non-formal learning enables a person to gain recognition of knowledge gained in a non-formal setting, obtain a full qualification or accumulate credits towards a qualification in the future.
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About Electude

Electude is a simulation online training platform that combines more than 3,000 modules in the field of light and heavy vehicles. On the platform, it is possible to learn the structure and working principles of the vehicle through gamification, high-level interaction and simulations.
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About the course

The purpose of the course is to prepare a professional repairer of electronic systems for the transport sector. Duration of training - 4 months; The price of training - 750 ₾
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The purpose of the course

To prepare an operator of appropriate competence, who will know the structure of the backhoe loader and the rules of maintenance and operation. Also, it will be possible to plan/perform various types of earth moving operations by means of an excavator-loader, following the rules of safety and correct operation of equipment.


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